Clinical Sexology PhD Student

The number one reason my phone rings is due to matters of the heart. If you are struggling in your marriage, relationship, or dating, you are most likely also struggling with intimacy and your sex life. Sex is not something we can compartmentalize. Sex is connected to our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. The first place we feel emotionally disconnected from our partner is often through a lack of physical touch, loving words, and sex.

I believe it is essential that we learn how we connect through intimacy and sex. Sex is not just a physical act, but a way of finding intimacy and feeling connected with another.

The topic of sex can create anxiety in us. Sex exposes our most vulnerable parts. What many people don’t realize is, sex does not have to be so intimidating. We can become empowered through intimacy. We can create healthy and deep connections with another through sex. I am currently enrolled in the Ph.D. program at the International Institute of Clinical Sexology and I am studying to help individuals and couples work through intimacy and sexual challenges. I felt the need to go back to school when I realized that the majority of my clients who came in for dating and relationship challenges were also experiencing intimacy and sexual issues. Sex was becoming a common topic. I wanted to continue my education to better help my clients understand themselves sexually and how to develop the sexual experience they desire. I have learned that talking about sexual challenges is a way to develop and enhance a relationship, if desired, and gain self-awareness.