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Online Therapy in Miami is Here to Stay

What is online therapy?

In recent years, the term “telehealth” or “telemedicine” has gained popularity. Just like telecommuting, otherwise known as working from home, technology has made it possible to virtually conduct some businesses that used to require face to face/ in person meetings. Not anymore. Especially with the COVID 19 pandemic, online therapy is here to stay. Online therapy, also known as telepsychology is essentially the same thing as in person therapy, but can be done through Facetime, phone calls or even Zoom meetings if there are multiple members involved.

What are the benefits of online therapy?

You’d be surprised to learn that there are several advantages that online therapy has to in person therapy. To begin, it’s much more convenient to not have to add one more commute to a busy schedule. The ease of taking a therapy appointment from your own home should not be discounted. Furthermore, online therapy in Miami is also beneficial because it can be more discrete that in person therapy. If you are concerned about running into someone you may know at a therapist who specialized in relationships, for example, you don’t need to worry about your friends or neighbors gossiping about your marital problems. A few more benefits of telepsychology include:

· Less likelihood of rescheduling due to increased convenience

· Easier for those with social disabilities

· Greater access to qualified therapists

· More authenticity from the comfort of home

Are there downsides of online therapy?

It is important to note that online therapy should be done in a space that makes you feel safe. For example, if you are concerned about other family members hearing your discussion with your online therapist, you will want to be in a private location in your home that won’t have eavesdroppers. If you are concerned about this, it’s a good idea to bring it up with your therapist during your initial appointment to come up with a safe location to discuss things in private, as to not further complicate existing relationships or delicate situations with family members. A few more downsides of telepsychology could include:

· More screen time can be difficult on your eyes

· Lack of internet access

· Pets interrupting an appointment

· Technology can be difficult to use for older age groups

How to book online therapy in Miami

If you live in Miami are new to therapy, consider booking virtual appointments with several therapists in your local area to find out which one works best for your needs. From there, you can select which one you click with. You can set up weekly virtual appointments, or whatever fits your current therapy needs, to be flexible with your schedule.

At Insight Miami, we want to support your mental health needs with virtual therapy and online appointments. If you are new to therapy and considering hiring a therapist, contact us to set up a Facetime or phone call “meet and greet” so we can further explore helping you to become your best self. Finally, we also offer free downloads to help empower and educate the general public on important mental health topics!

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