Substance Use

Do you feel you are constantly functioning in overdrive?

Do you feel some of your behaviors are extreme and out of control?

Do you wish you had more balance and peace in your life?

Do you overreact?

Insight Counseling Center was founded on the challenges of Miami’s societal pressures, and the constant intensity of excessive behavior. When you push yourself to extremes (at work, at the gym, partying, etc.) your mind and behaviors go into autopilot. You find yourself coping in excessive ways and loosing control (substances, dating, sex, shopping, etc). You develop a routine of pushing yourself to the limit in every aspect of your life. This intensity will lead you to exhaustion and collapse. Insight Counseling Center can help you regain your control and with it, balance.

As an addictions recovery expert, and experienced psychotherapist, we will explore Miami’s societal pressures together. You will begin to discover extreme behaviors and identify positive ways to live a more desirable and balanced life.

Whether you struggle with addiction or feel you are impacted by the social pressures of Miami, my solution-oriented approach will help you regain control, build positive relationships, and overcome the effects of extreme behavior.

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