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Dr. Mindy DeSeta
Doctor of Human Sexuality

Concierge Counseling for Sexual Wellness


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Start living your best sex life with Dr. Mindy

Sex therapy will help you navigate medical, psychological, personal, or interpersonal factors impacting your sexual satisfaction. 


Dr. Mindy DeSeta is a Doctor of Human Sexuality and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. She specializes in sexual wellness, couples therapy, and hypnosis. Sex therapy focuses on sexual and relational challenges.  


Insight Counseling Center Miami is a concierge mental health private practice that offers personalized care and exclusive access to Dr. Mindy via phone, video conferencing, email, and text messaging between sessions. This bespoke mental health practice offers flexible hours to fit conveniently into your schedule. 

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"Melinda is a nice person to talk to."


“Melinda helped us learn communication skills that have helped us connect on a deeper level and the ability to work through future challenges.”


“I felt like Melinda was really able to understand what I was going through.  She was there to listen to me.”

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