Specialty Trainings:

  • Board Certified Sex Therapist from the International Institute of Clinical Sexology

  • Board Certified Hypnotherapist

  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Course at the Florida Psychoanalytic Institute

  • The Gottman Method - Couples Therapy Level 1

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Meet Melinda DeSeta

Licensed Mental Health Counselor


Certified Sex Therapist

My Work as a Therapist in Miami

I’m a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Sex Therapist (Ph.D. Candidate in Clinical Sexology) who loves helping people fall in love with their relationship and live their desired sex life. 

I help individuals and couples create healthy relationships and overcomes sexual challenges. 

Sex is often one of the first signs that something is wrong within a relationship or our mental and physical health. It is my job to help you fall in love with yourself and experience the sex life you want. 

Through my education, exploration, and my expert therapeutic techniques, I will help you overcome your relationship issues or sexual challenge. 

I work with both individuals and couples.

Sometimes we need more than talk therapy.  Someones our core negative thoughts, fears, or emotional challenges seem to never fade. Hypnotherapy can help. 

I often times integrate hypnotherapy along with talk therapy to work through deep rooted challenges and self-defeating beliefs.  

My Academic Journey to Becoming a Couples and Sex Therapist

I attended graduate school at the University of Miami and earned my Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. Go Canes!


As a couples therapist and sex therapist, my learning never stops. I am on my way to earning my Ph.D. in Clinical Sexology.  I am focused on completing my dissertation on sexual satisfaction in couples who have large age gaps. 


I continued my training by completing the two-year Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Course at the Florida Psychoanalytic Center and The Gottman Method training to enhance my work with couples.

I am a proud and excited co-founder of Miami Mastermind, Miami’s first in-person networking group that bridges the isolation gap between licensed mental health professionals. We are a peer supervision and networking group.

My Advanced Training in Mental Health Counseling

Health, Movement, Wellbeing

I earned my Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling at the University of Miami. My graduate training focuses on anxiety, relationships, and substance use. After graduation, I earned my 2,000+ supervised internship hours at a group therapy practice in Brickell. In 2017, I became a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and subsequently founded Insight Counseling Center.

I am currently enrolled in the Ph.D. program at the International Institute of Clinical Sexology and am eager to help individuals and couples work through intimacy issues and sexual challenges. My education is focused on treating sexual dysfunction, intimacy issues, sexual abuse, medical issues affecting sexual functioning, gender and orientation, alternative lifestyles, and a year of dissertation research.

Relationships are a common source of pain. I completed the Gottman Method - Couples Therapy -Level 1 to help couples, or individuals manage their conflicts, develop communication skills, and deepen their intimacy. I also educate my clients in session on healthy communication strategies and offer them tools that help couples successfully manage conflict.


I completed the two-year course at the Florida Psychoanalytic Center, in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. With this training, I am able to help my clients learn how to critically understand their thoughts and behaviors. In examining what lies beneath the surface of human behavior, psychoanalysis teaches us about the unconscious psychological forces that are outside of our everyday awareness. I work with my clients on gaining awareness in their everyday behaviors and, how to work toward their desired goals.

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