We are Offering Online Sessions

We are currently experiencing unfamiliar and anxiety-provoking times.  I am here to help you navigate your current world through my online video platform.  


From your home, we can work together to develop tools that will help keep you calm, deepen your relationships, and create productivity.  The pressure of being socially isolated has made it difficult for us to engage in our effective coping skills and daily routines.  This downtime allows for anxiety, worry, and thoughts, that you have pushed in the back of our mind, to surface.


Imagine feeling balanced, relaxed, and in control of your life. You feel supported as your relationships grow stronger. As an addictions recovery expert and an experienced psychotherapist with an understanding of Miami's societal pressures, I help adolescents and adults in finding ways to feel balanced in a chaotic and uncertain time.


My clients are happy with the online therapy sessions as the sessions still offer the safety and sense of calmness.  My style is strength-based, goal-oriented, and solution-focused. Call today (305) 505-3789 to schedule.

From the outside, you have it all together. You are successful in your job, have a social life, and a filled calendar. You feel your life is going well. However, you are constantly feeling Miami’s social pressures such as the desire to dress the part, earn a high salary, and keep physically fit.

This pressure leads to late nights ending in regrets, feeling disconnected in your relationships, and the inability to say no. You feel the need to put on a show. You want to feel more balanced and build deeper relationships, but you are not sure how.

Imagine feeling balanced, relaxed, and in control of your life. You now feel supported as your relationships grow stronger.

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Sometimes we just need puppy love! Remmy is a 15-pound, hypoallergenic, friendly Labradoodle ready to show you unconditional love and affection. Remmy is available upon request to visit during your session. He is here for you to pet, or even just lay at your feet, while you work through your session.

Remmy is calm and amenable, and if you ask his previous clients, they will all tell you that they have all requested him back.

Here is How I Can Help

Therapy is a comfortable and calm space for you to express your feelings and thoughts.

Together we will fight through your negative thoughts, develop effective coping strategies, and improve your overall daily mood.  I have helped many adults who struggled with life's changes, anxiety, depression, feeling disconnected from their partner, or feelings of loneliness. 

As a relationship and substance use expert, I am an experienced psychotherapist with an understanding of Miami’s societal pressures. Together we will explore your extreme behaviors and identify ways to live your desired and balanced life.