Healing After Infidelity

You may be asking yourself,  "Should I leave the relationship?".


"What does it mean that my partner was unfaithful?"


"How can I help my partner forgive my betrayal?"


There are many questions we ask ourselves and our partner after infidelity has occurred. You may not know if you want to stay in the relationship or not. Therapy is a great place to begin answering your questions and the healing process. 


For couples who need guidance through this time, Melinda offers help to both partners and to the couple as they work to re-create themselves and perhaps their relationship.


Part of the process involves the major decision about whether or not to continue the relationship, whether it is possible to repair the damage from the affair, and begin the process of healing.


Remarkably, some couples are able to develop stronger and healthier relationships than they had before the affair, as a result of improved communication and understanding of each other’s needs through counseling.


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