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Anxiety is the number one reason someone calls Insight Counseling Center. 

In today’s society we all struggle with daily anxiety.  Balancing work, social responsibilities, family concerns, and finances forces us to live in an unhealthy state of stress.


The feeling of being overwhelmed paralyzes us, and drives us to the point of breaking. 

Anxiety is a warning sign that some aspect of your life needs attention and change.  My solution-oriented and strength-based approach will enable you to regain motivation. You will learn to utilize your innate strengths and use past successes to overcome the challenges of anxiety. 

Common Symptoms of Anxiety

  • Restlessness and tension in the muscles

  • Difficulty concentrating or the mind going blank

  • trouble falling or staying asleep

  • Excessive worry

  • Irritability 

  • Fatigue 

  • Avoiding situations that trigger anxiety

  • Irrational fear 

We will use evidence-based approaches to treat your anxiety and gain the long-lasting changes you are looking for. There is not a single technique or coping skill that treats anxiety.  


We will take a wholistic approach to treat your anxiety in and outside of the session.  Fighting anxiety is about finding healthy ways to experience the emotion, fight the negative thoughts, and never let the anxiety stop you from doing what you want. I will walk you through effective exercises that will help you clear your mind to fight through the thoughts that are creating an overwhelming feeling of anxiety. After our sessions together, you will take away your unique coping skills, effective thought patterns, and relaxation techniques to fight future feelings of anxiety. 

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