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Sexual Pain or

Genito-Pelvic Pain/ Penetrative  Disorder

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Do you experience vaginal pain?

Unwanted and painful vaginal muscle tightening?

If you are experiencing vaginal pain and involuntary muscle tightening, you may be experiencing Genito Pelvic Pain/ Penetration Disorder.  This challenge brings extreme pain and constant discomfort. The pain also brings emotional distress and loss of interest in any sexual activity. 

You are not alone. Many women experience vaginal pain. I am a Sexologist  that can help.  


You do not have to suffer in silence, Dr. Mindy can help you begin living pain free. Treatment is available and effective. 

Treatment consists of talk therapy, education, and gaining the tools and techniques to live a pain free life!  


Dr. Mindy also offers hypnotherapy sessions in combination with talk therapy to help you overcome your vaginal pain.  


Commonly asked questions:

What are common symptoms of Genito-Pelvic Pain/ Penetration Disorder?

To name a few:

  • Tightening of the vaginal muscles, which prohibits penetration

  • Tension, pain, or a burning sensation when penetration is attempted

  • A lack or absence of the desire for sexual activity (self or with a partner)

  • Intense phobia or fear of the penetration pain

  • Avoidance of any kind of sexual activity

What are the most common treatment methods for Genito-Pelvic Pain/ Penetration Disorder?

Treatment typically is formatted around talk therapy, education, processing emotions, and body exploration techniques.  Hypnotherapy has also been proven to be an effective form of therapy in relieving the pain. Ask Melinda about Hypnotherapy! 

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