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Eight-Minute Progressive Muscle Relaxation

If you are feeling stressed?


Are you having trouble sleeping? 


Do you need a moment to relax?


Progressive muscle relaxation is for you. Download my complementary 8 minute progressive muscle relaxation experience.


Many of us are unaware of the stress and tension we are carrying in our muscles. Progressive muscle relaxation helps reduce the tension in your body by focusing on different muscle groups in a particular order to achieve physical and mental relaxation.  

When your body is relaxed, anxiety decreases. Practicing this will improve your mood, reduce your stress, and maintain restful sleep.

Download Our 8-Minute Progressive Muscle Relaxation Audio Guide

Once you fill out your information, you will be taken to a link to download the audio file.

Image by Cody Black

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Phone: (305) 505-3789

547 NE 58th St. 

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