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Process of Counseling

When we are faced with feelings of shame, loneliness, depression, anxiety, anger or we find ourselves caught in a dysfunctional relationship, we need to seek the guidance of a licensed mental health therapist. 

People primarily call me after their daily lives and relationships have been impacted by negative emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. Therapy focuses on helping people regain control of their feelings, emotions, and guides people to live the life they truly desire.  

Many hide from the shame they feel. I'm here to tell you, you no longer have to hide. There are ways through this and you are not alone. 

Therapists are experts who sit with you and your most uncomfortable emotions and thoughts. It is our job to help you through this! Therapists work with you to nurture your emotional state and help you regain a stable, stronger, and healthier life. 

It is my job to help you live the life you want to live.  You will determine the goals you would like to meet through therapy and I will be using my training and education to get you there. 

The first session, we will dive into the reason you called. I will have questions for you. Answer what you feel comfortable with. I understand it is difficult to talk about certain things, especially with a stranger.  We will discuss your goals, as to what you would like your life to feel like after therapy, and what you would like to take away from each session. 

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