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Marriage and Couples Counseling

We are Offering Online Couples Therapy Sessions


Do you look at your partner and wonder what happened?


Have you begun asking yourself, “Can we fix this marriage?”

As you and your partner transition through life, you may begin to feel that the way your marriage once functioned, no longer seems to work. In the beginning you felt the passion, excitement, and support. As your lives evolve and the relationship transforms, you and your partner may begin to fight more, resent more, and emotionally drift apart. You want to connect with your partner, but you are not sure how. You feel the tension and emotional distance. You turn within, instead of turning to your partner.

You are not alone in experiencing issues. Finding the balance between work, family, love, desire, intimacy, sex, and enjoyment can be challenging.

A marriage passes through many phases as it grows and must be fluid through the changes life brings. Marriage and couples counseling is an effective, calm, and controlled way for couples to explore their relationship, about how it functions, and find ways to live in a happier and healthier relationship.

Couples Counseling Will Help You Grow in Four Areas

  1. Communication and Conflict Resolution – Communication strategies that will help you and your partner truly hear each other

  2. Intimacy – enhance your desire, passion, and sex life

  3. Emotional Connection – Rebuild and strengthen the friendship

  4. Trust – Regain the ability to feel vulnerable and safe with your partner

Through our time together, you and your partner will learn effective ways to communicate, manage, and resolve conflict, rebuild the friendship, and rekindle your desire for one another!

You will learn

  •  Effective Communication Strategies

  •  Conflict Management Skills

  •  How to be your partner’s best friend

  •  Increase trust in the relationship

  •  Enhance the passion and des

  •  Create an exciting and healthy sex life

  •  Have fun together

Marriage and Couples Counseling in Miami

Melinda DeSeta provides therapy and education to those in need of marriage counseling, couples counseling, and help with dating from her office in Miami, FL. Can’t make it into the office? She will work with you online through her HIPPA compliant online video platform. Together we will create a schedule that works for you and your partner! I hope to meet you!

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