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for Anxiety

Do you feel trapped in your anxiety?


Are you experiencing the same defeating thoughts?

Our mission through hypnotherapy and talk therapy is to help you eliminate self defeating thoughts, limiting behaviors, and negative habits. 

Hypnotherapy has been proven effective in eliminating anxiety and helping you take back control in reclaiming your life. 

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a deep state of relaxation.  Hypnotherapy allows the licensed psychologist to help you let go of deeply rooted self-defeating beliefs and adapt new beneficial thoughts and behaviors. 

Anxiety is resistant to change. Often times, talk therapy is not enough to overcome the anxiety. 

How hypnotherapy treats your anxiety. 

If you suffer from anxiety or social anxiety, you know how difficult it is to work through and overcome. Hypnotherapy helps you access and challenge your deeply rooted anxiety and behaviors that are holding you back. Our relaxing environment will help you become aware of the challenges holding you back and the strength and mindset to overcome. 

You will feel results after the first session. With each hypnotherapy session, you will feel more free from your worry and living the life you desire. 

Image by Bekir Dönmez


You will receive a personalized hypnosis recording to help expereince relief more quickly. Melinda will record a guided hypnosis, based on your challenges and goals, to help you overcome your anxiety and self defeating thoughts. 

Once you take control of your anxiety, you will start to regain control over your life in a variety of contexts. This change promotes a new confidence that you may never have experienced before.

Every journey is different. Our programs are individualized to match your goals.  

Call for a complementary consultation to outline your program!


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