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Hypnotherapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Helping men take their sexy back

Men of all ages can be challenged with achieving an erection.  This is a devastating challenge that many men do not freely talk about. 

Your Hypnosis:

  • Hypnosis to achieve erection when desired

  • Remove anxiety about ED

  • Hypnotherapy performed by a licensed psychotherapist

  • Personalized recording of hypnosis 

Often times, negative thoughts and anxiety get in a man's way of having an erection. However, over time this fear continues to grow.  As a sufferer, you may be caught in a cycle of anticipating failure to achieve an erection, which in turn causes erectile dysfunction. This only reinforces the expectation that it will happen again.


Hypnotherapy will help break this cycle.

Erectile dysfunction can have a physical cause, but many times it is directly rooted in a psychological issue.  Psychological stressors indirectly impact physical processes, like blood pressure, which in turn causes erectile dysfunction.


Hypnosis treats the psychological reasons that do not allow men to have an erection.  


The Process:  

On the first session, treatment can begin! The initial session is 90 minutes and consists of:

  • A verbal intake assessment

  • Challenges and goals established 

  • History

  • Develop and individualized plan

  • Hypnosis

  • Personalized hypnosis recording to take with you

If needed, the following sessions are 60 minutes. 

Many of life's challenges can get in your way of achieving an erection. Some factors are: stress, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, previous trauma, smoking and substances, to name a few. Hypnotherapy can help. 

Call for a complementary consultation! We will create a plan that will deliver immediate and effective results!



You will receive a personalized hypnosis recording to listen to in the comfort of your home. Melinda will record a guided hypnosis, based on your challenges and goals, to help you reach your desired sex life. 


Every journey is different. Our programs are individualized to match your goals.  

Call for a complementary consultation to outline your program!

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