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Orgasm Help

A Woman Wearing Cropped Jeans

Has sex become stressful? 

Are you having trouble achieving an orgasm?​

You are not alone. Many women have pain or trouble achieving an orgasm. Unfortunately, this often times leads to guild, shame, isolation, and relationship conflicts. 

I am a Sexologist that can help.  


You do not have to suffer in silence, Dr. Mindy can help you begin living your desired sex life. Treatment is available and effective. 

Treatment consists of talk therapy, education, and gaining the tools and techniques to be able to achieve the orgasm you crave.  Dr. Mindy also offers hypnotherapy sessions in combination with talk therapy to help you achieve your orgasm. 


Commonly asked questions:

What are the most common treatments when learning how to achieve an orgasm?

Treatment typically is formatted around talk therapy, education, processing emotions, and body exploration techniques.  Treatment will also address relationship conflicts if applicable. 


One of the most important things you will learn in therapy with Melinda is how to take control of your own pleasure. 

Do other women struggle having an orgasm?

"Sex is between the ears, not the legs" as Melinda always says. Many women have trouble getting in the mood, staying focused during sexual activity, and achieving an orgasm.  Forty percent of women have expressed they have struggled or currently struggle achieving an orgasm. 

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