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Counseling to Enhance Your Dating and Relationship Experience

The ways of connecting through dating are different from what they once were.  We are experiencing new feelings of loneliness.  You may have hundreds of likes on an Instagram post or a pile of matches on your dating profile, but you are still feeling an emotional disconnect when trying to date. You have tried the dating apps, friend set ups, and just putting yourself out there, but it is still not the type of relationship you are looking for.

Dating is a delicate balance between desire and attraction, excitement and contentment, risk and comfort, togetherness and individuality.  Navigating the dating world, requires developing trust in the person we desire, and developing an inner strength to feel vulnerable.  These are the building blocks of a healthy relationship.


We must learn how to have a healthy relationship within our current world. It allows us to feel whole. It is important that we learn our partners world and how we enter and integrate with it.  This dynamic can be challenging to create and will become challenging yet again at times through the relationship.

Whether you are in a relationship, or single, therapy can hugely benefit your present or future relationships.  The quality of our intimate relationships impacts every area of our lives. Our relationships directly impact our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.  You are more likely to be successful in your work, connected to your family or friends, and happier in general, if you are in a healthy relationship or confidently single.

We experience challenges when allowing ourselves to feel love, intimacy, and connection.  My goal is to help you experience the relationship and connection you are looking for.

Goals for Dating and Relationship Counseling

1.     Eliminate the “right” and “wrong” in dating 

2.     Gain the strength to feel vulnerable with a partner

3.     Explore what qualities you are looking for in a partner

4.     Develop and strengthen your core self and confidence

5.     Establish and maintain a healthy relationship

6.     Setting a dating pace that feels right for you 

Most importantly in dating, be you!

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