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12 things I learned in becoming an entrepreneur

If you do what you are passionate about, you will not work a day in your life” was a common phrase I heard growing up. I only now understand what it means!

I truly love what I do! I have dedicated the past 12 years of my life to studying mental health and I still have a year and a half left before I receive my Ph.D. in Clinical Sexology. It is a long road!

When I first opened Insight Counseling Center Miami, I was a one-man band. I held many positions in the practice, from front desk staff to the practice’s accountant. I know nothing about accounting, so you can imagine how that went. I was not always effective, but I did the best I could at the time.

I opened my mental health practice the day I was not able to pay my apartment's monthly rent. Seems like an oxymoron. As a single girl in the middle of Miami, I had to find a way to create a steady income.

Sometimes we need motivation to take the risk! If you are thinking about opening your own business, I want to share with you what I learned through my entrepreneurial journey!

1. Your time is valuable

In General, our time is our most valuable asset. How you spend your time during the workday impacts your bottom line. This was a key mindset to adopt. Your time becomes your most expensive line item.

2. You are the marketing department

Just as often as I was seeing clients, I was developing and creating ways to market Insight Counseling Center Miami. Not knowing much about how to effectively optimize my efforts, I turned to colleagues and mentors. Networking events and groups became a great resource for me to find like-minded entrepreneurs and share ideas.

3. Update your writing skills

Creating your own content is important. Potential customers/ clients will be able to identify if they connect with you through your content. This gives them the opportunity to get to know your techniques, personality, and style.

4. Ask for help! Establish a support system

We can’t wear all the hats. Find resources online and within your community. Reach out to others in your field and in your community.

5. Never stop learning

Every day I am reminded how much growth and learning I still have. We must always strive to advance and grow. I really enjoy reading other’s research about the latest findings in dating and couples. Sign up for free newsletters, stay up to date on your Country’s political trends, watch Ted Talks, and stay current on the latest techniques in your field.

6. Find mnemonics that motivate you

At times you may feel defeated and exhausted. Consciously find ways to help yourself stay motivated and excited about the work you are doing. Reward yourself along the way and celebrate daily feats.

7. Do work you are passionate about

If you are opening your own business, believe in the service or merchandise you are providing. Your passion will sell the product.

8. It is a risk

I felt many risks when I started. It was scary and at times it still is. Weigh if the risk is worth taking. Ask others who have taken on similar risks and challenges.

9. Believe in yourself

Mentally prep yourself daily. Tell yourself you can work for this! What you tell yourself will be the outcome of your company. That is the power of the mind.

10. Fear is to be expected

Just because we are fearful of something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Fear is not easy to overcome, but we can do it. Do not let your fear hijack your entrepreneurial plan. Create a step by step plan and use that road map to help you from feeling overwhelmed and fearful.

11. You really don’t choose your schedule

We often think that if we are our own boss, we can create our schedule. Yes, we can schedule times for self-care, possibly weekends off, or days for paperwork vs days for seeing clients. When opening my practice, I worked when my existing clients were able to meet. My goal was to grow my practice, so I needed to be available when my current and potential clients were able to come in.

12. Sometimes we need a side hustle

In the beginning, our entrepreneurial dream job may not pay the bills. It is ok to need a side job to help with the bills and the startup costs.

I found this journey to be one of the biggest joys in my life. If your goal is to become an entrepreneur and found your passion, look at your overall vision and begin creating small and manageable steps.

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Really sharp and incisive. Could be the basis of a book.

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