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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide that will ignite any reader’s inner sexy

Valentine’s Day is special.


I’ve never viewed Valentine’s Day as a day solely for long-term lovers, but rather as a day to celebrate love for the people closest to us. In elementary school, I looked forward to giving my friends heart-shaped candies in their homemade Valentine’s Day boxes. These little candies and personalized cards were my little kid way of saying, “You're awesome, and thanks for being my friend!”. It’s the time of year set aside for people who care about each other to express their appreciation.


If your love language is giving or receiving gifts, this is your holiday! Think about the people in your life whose love language is receiving a gift. If you have that friend, here is your perfect opportunity. An added plus is that gifting someone a fun “self-care” package has positive results on both people’s mental health and self-esteem. Let’s be real, it feels good to be acknowledged, appreciated, and loved.


Overall, Valentine’s Day encourages people to do something they rarely do; be vulnerable. Giving a sentimental gift may be exactly what your friend needs to gather up the courage to put themselves out there, in any way they choose.


There is the little kid side of the holiday where you hand out little bags of candy, and then there is the side we see once we grow up. Let’s explore the provocative side! Sexy gifts are definitely a turn-on. Whatever you surprise your partner with, you are sending a message of what you sexually desire. You are telegraphing sex desires and fantasies. Giving a sexy gift is extremely tantalizing, and a great way to ignite one’s libido. It is actually a form of foreplay. Erotic gifts not only, ( but hopefully ), bring on great sexual experiences that spark vulnerable and intimate conversations. Great sex always starts with great conversation.


If your sex life needs a little spice, check out my alluring and tantalizing gift ideas.  Tip: A great Valentine’s Day gift is creative, sexy, memorable … and useful. Broaden your gift ideas to things that will set the mood, inspire them to feel sexy, and deepen your emotional connection.

For the Booty newbies

3 Piece Butt Bouquet training set

Anal play can create a novel and intense full-body orgasm. But there is a learning curve when it comes to booty play. If you are a novice, this is a great starter set. This booty bouquet comes with three different-sized plugs. Plus, they are decorated with an adorable rose making it a fun gift for a friend or a new idea for you and a partner.

Getting in the Mood

Sex Dust

Getting in the mood can be hard. So many of my clients struggle with maintaining an active libido. Stress is the most common libido killer. I chose this product because this herbal blend focuses on supporting the body manage stress. This is a great gift for yourself, a partner, or a friend.

The P Spot Vibe

The P Spot Beaded vibe

Let’s start with a little education. The prostate is a walnut-sized gland that sits under the bladder and above the muscles that make up your pelvic floor. The prostate produces much of the seminal fluid that makes up the ejaculate, or semen. The P spot is also known as the male G-spot, because the gland is full of pleasurable nerve endings!


Many penis owners enjoy P-spot stimulation. I chose this p-spot vibe for the slight curve in the shaft targeted to reach the p-spot, the easy entry rounded tip, and the quality of the silky silicone.

Sensual Scent

Massage Oil Candle Santal

The best orgasms happen when the five senses are activated. This candle stimulates all. It seduces the room with a sexy scent as it melts the wax into an all-over body massage oil.  There is nothing sexier than a hot melted wax body massage. The heat will electrify your partner’s central nervous system.

Sexy solo sex

Bodywand Luxe Large

Hands down, Bodywand is the best toy for clitoral stimulation. In addition to that, I love recommending this product because it can double as an all-over body massager. The little gold accent gives the vibe a very elegant look.  

Long distance Lovers

Span by Love Distance App controlled Vibrating Panty

Whether you are across the ocean or the hall, this vibrating panty offers extreme foreplay. The act of wearing vibrating panties and not knowing when they will be buzzed is just tantalizing foreplay. This surprise act is a great way to spice up sexy play. The mobile app is easy to activate and can be used from anywhere.

Tie me up time Bondage Style

Whipsmart Japanese Bondage Rope Set

As a sex therapist, the #1 question I’m asked is, “How can I spice up my sex life?”. I have an idea for you! A little BDSM will definitely shake things up. The bondage ropes are silky soft and easy to use. Plus, this set also comes with low-heat candles. Remember what I said earlier about a hot wax massage?

Playful Partner play

The Rabbit Company Deluxe Rabbit ring

If you are looking to last a little longer during penetration a rabbit ring can help. The ring restricts blood flow from leaving the penis. This creates longer and harder erections and enhanced pleasure. This rabbit ring also comes with a vibrator for extra stimulation or direct clitoral stimulation.

Sexy and Sensual

Mini Edible Massage Gels

Want a reason to use your tongue? I have a few ideas for you.


-Wear the edible gel on your lips for a flavored kiss

-Apply the flavored gel on erogenous zones for oral play

-Blindfold your partner and place a few drops of the gel on your body, then let your partner find the flavors

Spicing up your sex life for couples

Sex Talk Conversation Deck

“Sex is between the ears, not just the legs” To have the sex you desire, your partner needs to learn what you desire and your body’s pleasure zones. This is learned through vulnerable communication. These cards are a fun and sexy way to direct you through the conversation and discover new sexy ideas!

Let's play games

Strip Poker for Couples

This is barely the game of poker, but more of a sexy way to try new erotic things. You and your partner will challenge each other with all kinds of erotic dares that include stripping, kissing, licking, talking, and who knows what else will come of it.


Just a tease

Dark Chocolate Body Paint

Dark chocolate is a traditional Valentine’s Day item. If you are a loyalist to the tradition this dark chocolate body paint is a nice mix between a holiday favorite and a sexy flare.

Zesty Besties

The Classic Rabbit

This is the real OG. If you want to be the best BFF then Dr. Mindy suggests you gift your bestie the classic rabbit. This vibe has stood the test of time. It offers clitoral stimulation, G spot stimulation, or both at the same time. The versatility of this toy makes for a great gift.


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