5 Sex Myths that are Getting in Your Way of Having Great Sex

Studies have shown that people have the most sex in the month of August! With that being said, it is time to get our sexy facts straight. Miss information around sex only creates for poor sexual experiences.

Let’s tackle a few of the common myths I hear on a regular basis.

Myth 1: Just because you watch in porn, does not mean you want it in bed

Truth: Porn is fantasy. Porn is designed for your entertainment and pleasure, it’s not a “How To” video. It’s common for straight women to watch lesbian porn. Why is that? Heterosexual porn is designed to attract and stimulate a penis owner. Many women find themselves saying, “That looks like it hurts”. Lesbian porn is designed to mentally stimulate vulva owners. Leading many straight women to search for lesbian porn but desire a relationship with a man.

Enjoy your alone time and explore your fantasies! Don’t be shy!

Myth 2: Sex is only good if it ends in an orgasm

Truth: An orgasm is just a bonus, not the goal. Feeling pressured to have an orgasm, decreases your pleasure and likelihood of having an orgasm. Many people feel pressured to have an orgasm to show their partner they are enjoying the sexy experience.

The goal of sexy time is PLEASURE! An orgasm does not mean that the sex is good. But, if you have one…enjoy!

Pleasure makes for good sex.

Myth 3: All Orgasms feel the same and should be an explosive experience