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Choose a Release or Your Body Will

Modern Millennials are notoriously driven, whether that is your job, your entrepreneurial spirit, or your work out plan. We are laser-focused on achieving our objectives and constantly climbing mountains in order to do so. The rigors and joys of a creative, extreme and entrepreneurial lifestyle ebb and flow as we travel through our cycle of progression. We are all too familiar with the long days, periods of tremendous stress, and moments when the question “Is this worth it?” arises.

The harder we work the harder we want to play. Miami spreads an environment of intense days towards our goals and extreme releases. You may release your stress with a long and party filled night. You may relieve your stress on your partner creating strain in the relationship. Or you may internally release by shopping, gambling or excessive use of social media.

We all need a release!

However, is yours harming your productivity and mental health?

With the extreme demands of our Monday through Friday (and realistically enough to say some Saturdays and Sundays) we need a balanced outlet. Your mind and body need a time to decompress. Trust me, give yourself “Down Time”. This relaxed period of your day will improve your productivity and you will feel happier!

Here are some ideas!

Exercise is possibly the most beneficial way to neutralize anxiety. Too much physical energy only exacerbates our anxiety level, so use your work out to tire out your mind and body giving yourself periods of relaxation. This will also improve your sleep! Or find a hobby. Enjoy your free time! Let out your repressed frustrations and stress in a productive and fun way.

If we do not have a healthy way to release your body will choose one for you. Take control of your behaviors and cope in fun ways.

Live your happiest life.

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