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Date vs Mate

The modern millennial who is developing a career, understands that “9am to 5pm” simply does not exist.

Working late, trying to fit in a work out and still keeping up with friends and family, leave little room to date.

Hello dating app! (Or not)

I believe dating apps are the efficient way for the millennial to meet a potential partner. With each swipe we are creating a numbers game, hopefully stacked in our favor, resulting in the perfect match. However, what if we begin to associate the person we meet with the feelings we have about the dating app itself? What happens when the two correlate?

On my first Tinder date, the three of us met at Sugar for a 5pm drink. Yes, that’s right, I said three. My date brought a buddy. He explained this with a calm, “I didn’t think this was a real date”. Was this because he saw Tinder as a “hook up” app? I believe the way we meet someone colors how we interact and view the potential relationship. By viewing tinder as a “hook up” app, we look at the potential partner as a “hook up”, and not take them as seriously. Would he have brought a friend if we had met at the gym, or at a party, or even at work? Probably not.

The best course to avoiding this is to match the right online social dating app with the experience you desire. If you looking for a table by the water, or a similar intimate experience, why use a site that has a reputation for something else? If you want to find out who’s out tonight, and just tonight, don’t use a system tailored to long-term relationships. There are plenty of options, find the one that best matches you!

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