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How to make Healthy Habits Stick

Updated: May 13, 2020

Has quarantine inspired you to explore new hobbies? Are you engaging in more self-care or relaxing activities?

This quarantine season has been a terrifying and trying time in our life, in our nation, and in our world. As you work through each day, your resilience, strength, and adaptability shine. You may have even come to realize how busy your days have been. Living a busy lifestyle can push us into autopilot. We become so ingrained in our routine and packing our calendar, our thoughts and emotions go into autopilot. We flow through each day without being fully present or engaging in any self-care time. We make decisions without being fully present or aware was the situation. This is where I encourage you to develop or keep new and improved healthy habits. Think of it as a mid New Year's Resolution!

When we are aware of what impacts our mood and behaviors, we are more likely to engage in self-care habits. For example, if you are someone who experiences daily anxiety, find an activity that allows you to release that internal energy. Schedule time each day to engage in a coping skills that will treat your anxiety. Allow yourself to release that anxiety, leaving you feeling calmer to tackle the rest of your day!

Use this time to find things that bring you joy and positively impact the way you physically and mentally feel.



How to stick with a self-care habit

1. Find an activity you enjoy

2. It does not need to be a monumental task

        (It can be 5 minutes of your day)

3. Make it a daily routine for 2 weeks

4. Plan it into your daily schedule

5. Use an accountability buddy 

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