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How to stay sane when stuck inside with your partner

Let’s talk about what helps a relationship thrive, stay alive, and deepen its connections. Much of our connection is comprised of the 8 types of intimacy. Remember intimacy is not just sex. Intimacy is the process of feeling truly seen by and connected to your partner.

8 Types of Intimacy:

  • Physical Intimacy

  • Aesthetic Intimacy

  • Recreational Intimacy

  • Intellectual Intimacy

  • Spiritual Intimacy

  • Emotional Intimacy

  • Sexual Intimacy

So how do we feel emotionally connected to our partner when we are stuck in the house all day with them? Our nerves may be growing as our partner constantly triggers our pet peeves.

Here are some tips to keep the romance alive while you are your partner are quarantined in your home all day:

1. Don’t Forget to Date Each Other

Restaurants may be closed but your relationship still wants date night! Make a meal, light some candles, and sit at the table. Plan this time together. Put distractions aside and enjoy conversation with your partner.

2. Physical Boundaries are essential

We all need alone time. Many of us still have daily tasks to complete. Give each other the space to complete their tasks and engage in their alone time. Try to create your own space within the home. Having your own space and time is essential for your mental health.

3. Don’t forget to be vulnerable

Tell your partner how much you love and appreciate them (if this is true!). Use this time to show appreciation and grow your emotional connection. Work to develop a team mentality in fighting COVID – 19.

Life’s events can trigger disruption in a relationship. Develop the tools with your partner to work through challenging times together.

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