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The main pressures in dating have been removed! Here is the new dating scene during COVID-19

We know that romantic love will never die. As humans we need food, shelter, water and connection. Many of us choose to feel that connection with a romantic partner.

Social distancing is changing the dating world. You no longer have to worry if anyone is going to make a move! If your date is going to invite you back to their place. Or, who is going to pick up the check!

Six feet social distance walks and Zoom dates have removed many stressors around dating.

The main stressors daters report are:

· Creating small talk

· What to do on the date

· Who will pick up the check

· One making a move

· What to wear

Dating has become more verbal than ever before. Currently, daters are not able to be distracted by a movie or engage in the amusement around you. Dating in this season, is pushing daters to share about their current experience and themselves in general. Something, many of us avoid doing in the initial stages of dating.

With the main stressors being removed, and daters turning to social distance walks and Zoom dates, are people connecting on a deeper level?

Yes, in my opinion! With these stressors pushed to the side, we are more likely to say "YES" to going on the date. The more we say YES, the higher probability we are going to find someone we feel attracted to and connect with.

We are experiencing unfamiliar and anxiety provoking times. Many of us are feeling more vulnerable than ever before. The world is being more vocal about how quarantine is impacting our mental health, relationships, and daily lives. Our fears are in the forefront of our mind, causing us to talk about our stress more openly. Society is encouraging us to connect, and work through this challenge together.

So, out with the small talk, and straight into the COVID talk. As singles looking to mingle hop on their Zoom dates, small talk has gone deeper into what the person on the other side of the screen is experiencing. No more, “Hey, how’s it going?” our new opening lines are “How are you doing?”. This opening line gives the other person the green light to share how they are feeling and coping.

Removing some of the biggest stressors in dating, (money, sex, small talk) daters are connecting on a verbal and more vulnerable level. Will this shift, in the dating process, create longer and deeper connected couples? We will have to see!

I'd love to hear from you!

Please comment or message me with your social distancing experience!

7 days, 6 Zoom dates! Check out a female's perspective on the world of Zoom dating. International vocalist Verhel opens up and shares her experience using Zoom to keep her dating life alive!

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