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“Our Usual”

Brickell creates an environment that makes us want to mingle.

Our city is always moving. The high-rises are surrounded by enticing restaurants that spread life and music that draw us to socialize. As a young professional developing a career, we find ourselves working well into the night.   On our way home, we see we are not the only people staying late at the office.  However, every action has a cost.  We begin thinking about how our work hours are affecting our social life and the possibility of creating new relationships. Trying to keep a balance we try to do it all- work, family, friends, relationships.  Our days become longer and more stressful and we gravitate towards “our usual” to relax and enjoy a meal.

After the stress at work we want to retreat to a comfort zone. Cooking and cleaning are the last things we want to do after a long day. Millennials tend to chose a “usual” that has mentally become a second home. The “usual” begins to define us as much as our work or where we are from. This place is comfortable. We may know the servers, bartenders, or the valet. They remember us and that feels good.

So what’s the bad? When we stay in the same routine – everything stays the same. Spice it up! Just as we love “our usual” it can become habitual. It may be time to think outside the box. Find something new!

First, make a list of all the restaurants you have wanted to try (be it the atmosphere or the food) and save them on your phone. If you use Google Maps, star each restaurant location so you will have ideas of restaurants that are around you wherever you find yourself.

Second, list the things that encourage you to get out to eat: Date night, Saturday brunches, lunch hour, lazy Sundays, late night take-out, or just because you don’t want to cook. By having a list of places on hand it, we can eliminate the stress of choosing something new. Lastly, enjoy.

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