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Self-Care Sundays! How did you spend your weekend?

Self Care Sundays! We spend our entire week dragging ourselves from meetings, to the office, and to the next obligation. Then we spend our weekends fulfilling other check-marks, errands, brunches and late nights.

How did you spend your weekend?

Are you ready for the Monday grind, or are you still trying to run on little sleep. Weekends are awesome, but can leave us feeling depleted (physically, energetically, and financially).

So how can we enjoy our weekends and feel ready to kill it on Monday? Try these ideas to create balance for success.

Sleep! Don’t set your alarm for a 6am Soul Cycle class when you got home at 1am. The best thing you can do is allow your body to wake up naturally. Sleep is more important than food and exercise. So let your body be your alarm clock.

Wake up slowly. We may physically be awake, but our mind needs some time to catch up. Pour yourself a cup of coffee. Stretch out your muscles. Plan your day.

Move like you love yourself. Many of us have our swim suite ready gym routine, but self care Sundays should be your day off. Think: movement. Try a relaxing yoga class, a light jog, dip in the pool, or rent a city bike. Think about giving your body energy, rather than depleting it.

Eat something delicious. That doesn’t mean carb on carb (even though we wish it did). It is about mindfully eating something you can truly enjoy. Try that new recipe or restaurant. Enjoy your meal the same way you would enjoy a massage. Let the flavors linger and overtake your senses.

Lets create your balance!

Looking to increase your self care? Call Melinda DeSeta for a complementary phone session at 305-505-3789!

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