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Shake up your Stress

So lets get this out of the way: There is no such thing as a stress free life. I hope I didn’t kill your vacation and weekend vibes.

So lets figure out how to work with our stress! Stress arises when something you care about is at stake. Stress helps propel us to work through our challenges and meet our desired outcome. So completely eliminating stress, will take away the passion and joy we feel for the things we care about (family, friends, career, happy hour).

Your goal should not be to eliminate stress, but to EMBRACE it. It may sound strange, but the best way to embrace your stress is to develop a positive relationship with it. Since we can’t escape stress lets use it to our advantage.

Lucky for us, the latest research revealed that stress can make us smarter, stronger, and more successful!

In developing the magical powers of stress, you need to unlearn what you have been taught and currently think of stress. By changing your perspective, you are shifting your core beliefs to a positive correlation with stress. Notice and embrace how your stress works in positive ways. For example, it can give you the energy and motivation to work overtime in perfecting your proposal, obsessively proofing each email you send, or getting up early each day to make it to work on-time.

Throughout the day we may feel different types of stress. Here are ways to transform your stress in productivity:

1. Anxious Stress: Channel that energy. Research has shown that we actually work better under stress. Take athletes for example, before a game they use their stress to get pumped up. Channel your energy into your presentation or long hours in front of the computer. Get pumped up!

2. Overwhelmed Stress: Step by step. Take a step back from the chaos you are feeling. Look at the big picture and create a step by step map. We become overwhelmed and stunted when we have too many tasks in front of us. Just look at the task at hand.

3. Defeated Stress: Learn from it. Every step in life has a purpose. Each failure is a step toward our success…..only if we learn from it. So use each step as a lesson. Make the mental notes of what to repeat and what not. Trust yourself and the journey your life is on. Always have your eyes open to the lesson you are experiencing.

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