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Swipe right, it feels good!

It has been said to exhaustion that people take more seriously than dating apps like Tinder.

The basic theory is : Tinder is free and charges each user a membership fee. The adage of ” you get what you pay for” seems to apply for some people. Others are not looking for something that serious. Tinder feels more “flirty”, and it does this by design. The Tinder user has less invested, and so makes more frivolous or playful choices . On Match, You know everyone involved is taking things a bit more seriously simply because users paid money to be part of that community. A Match user makes different choices and views the entire process differently from the basic point that there is money at stake.

However, there is more to their difference then just cost. I believe the way we interact on different dating sites is not solely due to the financial component, but the instant gratification we receive when “matched”. When do the most swipes happen on Tinder? Friday and Saturday nights! Tinder gives you an immediate Serotonin rush, not to mention an ego boost, that moment we match and we can instantly start planning the meet up. Don’t have a date for the night? No problem!  start swiping! Apps like Tinder are so successful because they are designed to offer that immediate gratification and excitement with little to no consiquence. When sending out multiple messages and hoping for an instant response, we discard the seriousness of the relationship as well as the idea of that person. When we put less effort into something, we do not value it as highly.

Our generation has grown up with the idea to strive for the best and shoot for the stars! We all want it instantly. The top grades, the number one job, the perfect body, and we always needing more money. To make things worse, we have somehow convinced ourselves this all needs to be done before we turn 30. It only makes sense that we would see dating in this same fast paced framework. It gets worse when we start adding the self imposed pressures of meeting the time based goals of that framework.

If you want a dating experience you have never had, change up the way you get to know someone. If you are searching for a more serious experience, delete the Tinder app and put yourself out there to meet new people. Tweak your old-fashioned conversation skills and let yourself get to know other singles in Miami. Where do we start? Check out events on (they post about singles events all the time), Brickell Run Club, or try a speed dating event! Eventbrite is always posting meet ups and speed dating events!

In a relationship we must create connection, attraction, and passion. Call Melinda to learn how to create the relationship you desire, 305-505-3789.

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