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Tips for the Busy #Brickellite

Everyone wants to feel good, so lets help each other out!

Studies have found that helping others, giving a complement, or practicing an act of random kindness boosts your productivity! Who doesn’t want to be the most effective and efficient as they can in their personal and professional life? Time flies (especially weekends). So lets learn how to be effective!

Also, as we are making someone else feel good we are increasing our self-esteem.

So lets feel good and be productive! Try these easy acts of kindness!

Give someone a compliment

When you arrive at work, or wherever you are going, dole out an authentic compliment. Think about something you admire in the person or something they succeed in. Focus more on traits vs. physical appearances.

Clean up before heading out

Don’t just clean up after yourself, but lightly cleaning up after someone else. I use the word “cleaning” lightly, you are not your roommates housekeeper. But by helping someone else out, you will feel productive and they will appreciate the kind gesture. Hopefully, in the future that you are rushing out the door to work, the favor will be repaid. Plus your home will look fresh!

Make your commute better for everyone

Help someone out. Open the door or if you are in traffic let someone merge in front of you, especially on hwy 95. We all know how morning traffic can cloud our day.

Check in on family

If you have a long commute to work, use the time to call a family member to say hi. Don’t make the only time you call home when you need something. They may be surprised when you call just to say “Hi!”.

Meditate for a moment

Before you begin your hectic day at work, stop! Take two minutes to relax yourself with a few deep breaths.  Give yourself a compliment. We forget too often to be nice to ourselves.

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