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“What do you do?”

It’s the first question asked after introducing yourself. Our job has become our identity- we are what we do.  Modern millenials know the 9 to 5 does not exist Even when we are not at work, we are talking about work.

This career created identity can be hazardous to our self-esteem, physical health, and the work we do.  By night, Brickell is a glittering skyline filled with lively people and music, but by day, Brickell is the “Wall Street of the South”.  It commands a sense of corporate competition. 

A world consumed by our work leaves us little room to explore and create our core identity.  If our focus is on our job, our self worth tends to run parallel to this focus.

When should we call it quits at the office to give our lives balance? According to John Pencavel, professor at the Department of Economics, Standford University, “Employee output falls sharply after a 50-hour work-week, and falls off a cliff after 55 hours”.  To Summarize, don’t miss happy hour because you are working late!

To help us through difficult times, we need our core identity and a foundation of worth. Find yourself by looking to your interests. Skills, social ties, stress management, values, and beliefs. These elements make up all the different aspects of who you are.

This career created identity leads to a host of issues such as:

lack of self-awarenesslow self-esteem andfeelings of depression.

Reframe your sense of self!  Instead of placing heavy emphasis on your career, focus on the inner you.  Create substantial relationships. 

Make “What do you like to do?” the first sentence you ask.

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