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Why people are dating during quarantine

Why are so many relationships popping up?

Weather it’s an ex reaching out again, a friend set up, or someone you swiped right on, many quarantiners are becoming romantic during this pandemic!

I have a few ideas as to why this is happening. First, we are being encouraged to socialize. We are encouraged to reach out to people and reconnect! I am not promoting texting your ex at this time, even if you are feeling triggered to reach out for emotional comfort.

Secondly, we are feeling lonelier. With many of our distractions and coping skills unavailable, our mind has more idle time. Being in quarantine can really bring up those feelings around wanting someone to relate to, talk to, and spend some time with.

Lastly, and most importantly, vulnerability brings us closer! We relate through feeling vulnerable. This quarantine has encouraged society to be real with their feelings. Being open about what you are experiencing, sharing pieces about yourself, and connecting with others creates intimate relationships. I call this the dating process!

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