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Gift Giver's Guide to Pleasure

The holidays are here! No matter how you are celebrating, gift giving is always in the plans. It can be hard picking out the perfect gift for your partner or a friend. I'm here to give you a few ideas to curate the perfect gift.

Would you buy your best friend a sex toy? Studies show that people actually really enjoy being gifted a sex toy. Tip: Give the gift of pleasure, sexy, and confidence! Don't forget to get a little something for yourself.

I’m giving you a few of the best sexy gift ideas for the holiday season! Don’t forget the stocking stuffers!

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The Bodywand Mini Love Edition

The Bodywand has always been the best in the industry for clitoral stimulation! This Mini edition comes with holiday spirit. It is pocket size and a great stocking stuffer! Remember we can always stuff our own stockings! Great to use with a partner or solo play. Go the extra mile and give the AAA batteries.

The Sexy Heal

I feel like footwear is the most underrated and most infrequently used sexy accessory. Heals are a great way to make you feel strong, confident, and sexy. Great to wear for a partner who has a little foot fetish.

Bodywand Holiday Gift Set

Not sure what to give your partner? This 8 piece gift set will help you explore your holiday cheer. Plus it comes with a Bodywand Mini.

Red Sequin Pasties

Get your Santa role play on with this stocking stuffer. These pasties are a sexy teaser to wear under your Santa sweater. Give your partner a little mental masturbation knowing that you are wearing some holiday cheer at the dinner table.

KY Intense Pleasure Gel

Lubricant just adds a little something to partner or solo play! This is one of my favorite KY lubes. It adds a little tingling pleasure that intensifies any experience.

Body Chain

An everyday piece to remind you of your inner sexy and confidence! We do not always feel sexy. I'm constantly hearing how people are loosing their inner sexy being at home all day. This is a daily piece that can bring out your inner sexy no matter what you are doing.

Happy Holidays!


Melinda, your sex therapist

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