Top Sex Toys for Each Pleasure Zone

So, maybe you don't enjoy giving oral sex? Maybe there are things your partner would like you to do, but you find yourself rushing through them! Instead of dreading the idea of doing things in bed you really don't like, try using a toy.

You know what they say about sex toy? You can never have too many! Here I’m laying it out for you. My top pick sex toy for you desired pleasure zone!


For Your Clitoral Needs

Let’s be honest, the clitoris is the go to spot on a vulva owner. It is made up of 8,000 nerve endings and its primary purpose in life is to provide you with pleasure!

Often times, vulva owners do not orgasm through penetrative sex. It is the clitoral stimulation that initiates the orgasm or an immense amount of pleasure.

Before engaging with a partner, I recommend you do some investigating on your own. Learn your vulva! The Lay on Rabbit is a great toy to get you started!

In the sex toy world, The Rabbit Company has coined clitoral stimulation. They really know what they are doing over there! This a great way to experiment with your body and lead you down your pleasure pathway.

Bonus: This is a toy that is great for couples or individual play.

Check out The Lay on Rabbit here!