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Therapist in Miami for Virtual Appointments Focusing on Relationships During the COVID 19 Pandemic

Why telehealth therapy is important for improving relationships

Virtual appointments, also known as telehealth or telemedicine, are gaining popularity during the COVID 19 global pandemic as limiting contact with others is necessary to curb the spread of infection. As a therapist in Miami, focusing on relationships has always been a specialty, and now is no different. While the format of therapy sessions may have shifted from the typical image of the client sitting on a couch during in person appointments, the outcome of virtual therapy is still the same. Furthermore, during the pandemic where many families are either quarantining together or keeping apart, speaking to a trusted, experienced therapist in Miami is now more important than ever.

Improving relationships with immediate family

You’ve probably heard the news where divorce rates are at an all time high during the COVID 19 pandemic because it is necessary to remain under one roof with their spouse. Without typical coping skills such as work, the gym, and socializing with friends, it can be stressful to navigate the “new normal” with your husband, wife, or partner. More COVID 19 specific stressors that point to an increase in divorce rates, according to Psychology Today include:

· Economic Hardship

· Increase in Domestic Violence

· Lack of Freedom

That’s why telehealth appointments that focus on building healthy relationships are so important during this time of uncertainty. Rather than waiting to become another divorce statistic, now is the time to book a virtual appointment with our therapist in Miami.

Improving relationships with extended family

Relationships can be strained during this time with extended family due to the fact that you may have to completely limit your contact with family members who are not living under the same roof as you (brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, etc). If people don’t agree on the level of precautions needed in order to visit safely, tension can arise. Speaking with a professional therapist in Miami can help you to avoid strained relationships with extended family members during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Improving romantic relationships and friendships

Without a doubt, current times are incredibly unprecedented when it comes to dating and friendships. Although some of the restrictions have eased, if you fall in a group that is at risk to developing serious COVID 19 complications or you live with someone who is at an increased risk, you are probably thinking twice about whether it’s safe or not to pursue a romantic relationship, or even gather with friends! This can no doubt be incredibly stressful to undergo these types of decisions alone. A therapist can provide valuable insight to these dilemmas that can not only alleviate stress but also make you feel more confident in your decisions.

As you can see, there are numerous reasons why a telehealth appointment with a therapist in Miami can help you during these unprecedented COVID 19 times. Reach out to us at Insight Miami today to book your telehealth appointment to discuss healthy relationships. Also, visit our site to download your free Healthy Relationship Guide to get started.

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